Steps to becoming a Licensee

What is an I CAN Licensee?

An I CAN Licensee is trained and licensed to deliver one or more of I CAN's training and accreditation programmes to schools or settings recruited by the Licensee. We ask Licensees to have some outreach capacity within their workload to deliver training or to mentor local schools and settings.

Licensees can either charge for training or offer it for free. All schools and settings must purchase the required training resources from I CAN.

Licensees can be experienced Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs), experienced Teachers (those with equivalent QTS) or Educational Psychologists.

Click here to register. Please ensure you make note of the user name and the password you have entered. I CAN do not have access to your password for security purposes. However, we can reset  your password for you should you need us to.

Click here to start your application form.

It is advisable at this stage that you view the 'Steps to becoming a Licensee' document for guidelines of what you will be asked in the application form. During the application process you will be asked to pay your first year’s licence fee (£50+VAT). You can either pay via credit card online or enter a purchase order number for us to raise an invoice for you.

Your application will then go through the vetting process and we will advise you via email once this has taken place whether you have been successful for the course you wish to attend. We will also advise you of any other programmes you may have been approved for should you wish to attend further training in the future.

You can access the list of Upcoming Licensee Training dates here. Pick the relevant course and date and you will be sent a link to the course you wish to attend in order for you to complete the booking process.  During the process you will be asked to pay for the course either by credit card or by adding a purchase order number or your name in the purchase order no field and we will raise an invoice for you. A confirmation email will be sent to you regarding your booking.

If you are part of a workplace Training cohort, you do not need to complete the booking process and the Licensing Team will be in touch regarding your specific arrangements.

You then attend the course. Course materials will be available on the day for you to access. However, your full set of resources will be sent to an address provided by you after the course. Materials usually take approx three days to be delivered.  If you are part of a Workplace Training cohort your resources will be available at your training venue for you to take away with you.

After the course you will be sent an email with instructions on how to evaluate the course you attended.  This is mandatory and must be in place to complete your Licensee status.  Don’t forget to make sure you choose the correct course under the Licensed Tutor or Licensed Mentor section or your certificate will be incorrect.

You will be sent an automatic email once your evaluation is complete.  The email will contain your Licensee number and a link to your certificate. Your certificate will remain on your profile should you need to access this at anytime in the future

Congratulations! You are now an I CAN Licensee.

Now you’re ready to go! You will have been asked within the application process if you wish to be added to the Licensee map and to enter the contact details you wish to appear. If you choose not to be added to theLicensee map you may miss trading opportunities, as I CAN advises settings and schools to check the map in the first instance to source tutors or mentors for delivery of their training or accreditation needs.

On the Licensing support website you will find a vast amount of information and downloads which are extremely useful to Licensees so it is always best to check back for up to date information and support materials at

Social media plays a large role in allowing you to ask questions, share advice and receive the latest updates from us as they come in. Our Facebook Licensee Group and Linked In Licensing Team page are great platforms for us to share relevant news with you, and for you to interact with each other. Click the links to join now! Licensee Facebook Group and Licensee LinkedIn page Plus, don’t forget to tweet about your training experiences and please encourage your delegates to tweet as well at to help raise awareness of our fantastic charity and the great work we do together.


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