Licensee Map Instructions

Are you an I CAN Licensee? 

Add yourself to the I CAN Licensee Map on the Talking Point website to enable more practitioners to find you when looking for training.


  1. Using the same login details you use for the I CAN Licensing website, login to (If you have forgotten your username or password, email Remember to keep this instructions document open in a webpage so that you can refer to it whilst you are adding your details to the map.
  2. Once logged in, click on 'Add new organisation'.
  3. Enter your own name as 'Organisation Name'. You may add your organisation name if you wish underneath.
    Please note, the information that you submit appears on the Map, so only enter information that you are happy to be published.
  4. Under 'Description of Services' enter the below text and list all of the programmes that you are licensed to deliver:
    I am trained to deliver I CAN's ‘insert names e.g. Early Talk, Talk Boost, Early Talk Boost’  programmes and interventions to schools and early years settings.
  5. Under 'Type of Organisation' select 'I CAN Licensees'.
  6. Complete all other details you are happy to provide. Remember, if you are flexible and are able to offer twilight training sessions or train on weekends, or are prepared to travel across counties add this information here. Enter the Street and Postal Code so the map can create a location. You will only be able to choose a maximum of one location.
  7. Press 'Save'.
  8. Your listing will now appear on the map:

If you would like to edit your location or other details, when logged in go to 'Manage Contributions' under the User Menu. If you have any questions, email

Thank you!


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