Babbling Babies

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A beautifully illustrated activity pack to promote communication development of babies from birth to 18 months old. Communication is the foundation life skill to help every child to make friends and to achieve a wide range of life chances.

New babies are geared up to communicate, they do this when they let you know that they are hungry, uncomfortable or tired. How you respond to them will teach them the skills that they need to turn these cries into words then sentences over the next two years.

Babbling Babies includes 30 inspiring activities for parents and adults to play and develop a baby’s communication skills. The activities have been developed by specialist practitioners with years of experience in developing communication with under threes.

Each activity has an idea for babies from birth to 6 months, 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months. The activities are focused on the following 5 areas

  • Playing and interacting
  • Learning to Listen
  • Learning and understanding new words
  • Expressing myself
  • Exploring and developing

The cards and activities can help a baby to babble, become a chatty baby and then a talkative toddler. When you do this, you are building on those early brain connections and giving them the best start to life.

View a sample activity card.

To get these activity cards in an attractive and durable box, select the Hardback version.

Also available, Toddler Talk and Chatting with Children. The whole set can be ordered together in paperback form in the Early Talkers Boxset.

We have a limited number of Babbling Babies and Toddler Talk and Chatting with Children hardback available to you for less than half price when bought as a bundle of 30 for £150. Save £7.99 per pack while stocks last.

For more information on children's speech, language and communication development, check out our Chatter Matters DVD for parents, and our Learning to Talk DVD for practitioners.

Activity Card Set
Age Range: 
Early Years
Resource Target: 
Children/Young People
Communication Needs: 
Specific language impairment
Speech and language development
Speech, language and communication
Speech, language and communication needs




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