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A wonderful gift or activity set ideal for parents and practitioners supporting babies, toddlers and young children in learning to talk.  This boxset includes activity packs for all ages between birth to five years. It has recently received great reviews in two parenting blogs.

"They are fun so the child does not feel like they are “learning”. There is plenty of choice and the ability to tailor the activity to your childs abilities is invaluable." 
Read the full blog here.

 "Some of them you do naturally (e.g. peekaboo) and some of them are things I would never have thought of (e.g. wet play with bubbles). It’s helpful to have them around as a prompt and when I’m lacking inspiration." 
Read the full blog here.

These beautifully illustrated activity cards provide information on easy-to-do, fun activities that support the areas needed to become skilled communicators.

There are three packs that have been organised into five sections, each Early Talker pack containing 30 beautifully illustrated activity cards that focus on attention and listening, interaction, as well as skills for understanding and using words and sentences. Each come with top tips and a planning guide.

Babbling Babies contains 30 delightfully illustrated activity cards for parents and practitioners to have fun with babies; whilst helping to build strong foundations for developing baby's communication skills. Comes with top tips and planning guide.  
(Birth - 18 months).
View a sample activity card

Toddler Talk is a set of 30 inspiring and fun activity cards giving parents and practitioners ideas to play and develop toddler’s communication skills. Comes with top tips and planning guide. (18 months – 3 years).
View a sample activity card.

Chatting with Children is the third in the series of Early Talkers and provides parents and practitioners with 30 fun and interactive activity cards to help develop young children’s communication skills. Comes with top tips and planning guide.  (3 – 5 years).

View a sample activity card. Watch our video demonstration by clicking here.

Activity Card Set
Age Range: 
Early Years
Resource Target: 
Children/Young People
Communication Needs: 
Speech, language and communication

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