Talking Strategies 4-7 years


Talking Strategies 4-7 years supports spoken language in Reception and Key Stage 1. It provides teachers and teaching assistants with strategies for improving the spoken language and communication skills of for all children in the primary classroom, across the whole within different curriculum areas. The guide explores 12 strategies for improving spoken language skills in the classroom, each with top tips and a practical examples of how it works across different subjects and top tips.

Also included are a suite of readymade resources to bring each strategy to life including:

• Set of reminder cards covering each of the strategies

• Classroom environment checklist

• Photocopiable lesson plan template

• Classroom posters to engage the pupils

• Reminder cards for paired work

• Visual organiser templates

• Poster and template for developing vocabulary

• Sentence starter cards

Used alongside Talking Strategies KS2 these resources encourage and support an action learning type approach to continuing professional development.

Activity Card Set
Age Range: 
Primary Years
Resource Target: 
Communication Needs: 
Speech, language and communication


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