Moving On! Activity pack for Year 6 children

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The transition from primary to secondary school is an important stage in a child’s school development. Moving On! supports all children to feel safe and secure by understanding their new environment, the changes to routine and new teaching styles.

The activity pack includes two fictional teachers and two Year 7 children that guide the child through the transition. It provides valuable information, top tips, and activities based on: getting to know the school, timetables, transport, friendships, concerns and key words and phrases.

Included in each pack is set of passport reminder cards. Children are able to complete these cards with important information about their new school. A wallet is provided to keep the cards safe, which can also be used as a travel pass, cash card or lunch card holder.

Moving On! Student Activity Pack can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the Teacher Guide.

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Age Range: 
Primary Years
Resource Target: 
Children/Young People
Communication Needs: 
School ready
Speech, language and communication needs

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